UK brexit influence over FCL

UK brexit influence over FCL

We all know that Brexit in UK influence avaition word in Europe.

According to the EASA resolution from November 2020, which is being adopted by CAAs in EASA countries, pilot licenses issued by the UK CAA are no longer recognised automatically in EASA authorities as it used to be in the past.

In practice some of the applications to this resolution are:

  1. New student pilots from UK will be considered as non EU students (which reflect in some forms and approval required).
  2. Holder of UK CAA pilot license needs to “convert” to an EASA member license.
  3. There will be authomatic validation for UK PPL holder, who wants to continue training to CPL.
  4. UK CAA medical certificate which was issued before 31.12.2020 will be recognised as long as it is valid.

This information is up to date for February 2021, and according to Polish CAA and may vary between authorities.

Full info can be found here

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