What is area 100 KSA?

What is area 100 KSA?

The recent significant addition into the ATPL theory course is the area 100 KSA.

No worries – there’s no 15th exam… 🙂

This is a subject designed to focuse on competency-based training rather than factual knowledge training.

K = knowledge, S = skills, A = attitudes

After analysis of recent fatal aircraft accidents, EASA came to the conclusion, that high percentage of them were primarily caused by lack of non-technical skill of the flight crew.

Therefore, during the new sylabus of ATPL theory (mandatory to begin until 2022) training organisations will implement area 100 KSA into the training.

This training will be targeting:

  • the decision making ability,
  • applying theoretical knowledge into practice,
  • thinking under pressure,
  • problem assessment with correct attitude,
  • identify and correct threat and errors management (TEM).

Airlines worldwide, who constantly evolve their safety standards are happy with this new addition as they would like their new pilots to adapt quickly to the operational environment, and it shortens the captain courses thanks to the competency based training.

The subject covers:

  • communication
  • leadership and team work
  • problem solving and decision making
  • work load management
  • procedures application
  • threat and errors management (TEM)
  • upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT)
  • mental math.

In practice – the new methodology is implemented into new questions in the official exams. In Poland to assure smooth transition from old to new format, Polish CAA adopted ECQB 7.0 for students that studied in old format and ECQB 2020 for those who have been trained under the new format. Outdated questions were removed.

It is the responsibility of the ATO to conduct the course in such way the student will be prepared for the new “way of thinking”.

HERE you can find sample questions, by the KSA.

Good luck in your training and exams!

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