1. Certificate of completing an ATPL(A) or CPL(A) theoretical course
  2. Valid Class I medical certificate
  3. At least 150 h of total flight time
  4. 70 h of flight time as pilot-in-command
  5. At least 18 years of age
  6. At least secondary education
  7. Total flight time of at least 200 h (including at least 100 h as pilot-in-command)
  8. 20 h of flight time as pilot-in-command on cross country flights
  9. Cross country flights of at least 540 km (300 NM) during which 2 full stop landing were made at 2 different airports which were not departure airports
  10. At least 5 h of night flights (including at least 3 hours of dual flights, including 1 hour of a cross country flight)
  11. At least 5 solo take-offs and landings

The training process for the Commercial Pilot License consists of the theoretical part followed by the practical one.

Training tasks focus on controlling a complex plane and developing skills of instrument flying. Part of the training is also dedicated to cross country flights.

The training program comprises minimum 23 hours of training flights and 5 hours of simulator flights. To start the training the student pilot must have a valid Class I medical certificate.

CPL(A) training in numbers

  • training duration: 14 days
  • number of training hours: 28

CPL(A) training: standard option

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