We are experts in various aspects of aviation.

Not only do we teach people how to fly, we also offer flight experiences of different types to those seeking a unique one-time experience and provide spare parts and maintenance services to aircrafts throughout the country.

FNA was founded in 1997 as a flight Academy.

Today, with 4 centers of activity in Israel (Herzliya, Haifa, Sde Dov and Eilat), it is the leading academy in Israel for aviation studies, flight experiences of all kinds and it is also one of the biggest spare parts and maintenance services provider to aircrafts throughout the country.

The company owns a wide fleet of aircraft, including aircraft for basic aviation studies, to the most advanced courses, and advanced flight simulators. In addition, FNA owns a fleet of DIAMOND aircraft used for study, rental and business flights.

The instructors are professionals and highly experienced pilots, some of them veterans of the Israel Air Force, who have accumulated thousands of flying hours as pilots and instructors

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