Get To Know Us

F.N.Aviation Flight Academy is an internationally known flight school, accredited by EASA, with 25 years of experience in various aspects within the professional pilot training and the highest level Israeli pilots in the world.

Our staff has many years of experience in managing our ATO and running highly-specialized training courses.

Our instructors are professionals and highly experienced pilots, some of them are veterans of the Israeli Air Force and big airlines, who have accumulated thousands of flying hours as pilots and instructors.

F.N.Aviation is the perfect fit for those who are looking for a one time experience or a top-class pilot training.

F.N.Aviation Flight Academy is led by Arkadiusz Jesionek – flight instructor, airline pilot with experience as Captain on commercial jets such as Boeing 737CL & NG and turboprop planes such as Pilatus PC-12 NG, former competitor in Poland airplane aerobatic championships and long-time glider pilot.

The Academy takes a special approach regarding attitudes towards pilot trainees and professional fairness.

Each trainee receives personal attention and close monitoring in his progress in training in a transparent and professional manner. In addition, the training we provide includes accommodation and meals at affordable prices for the convenience of our pilot trainees.

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