The Multi-Engine Piston – MEP rating extends the privileges of a Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License and allows a pilot to fly an aircraft with more than one engine. Once the Multi-Engine Piston training is complete, the pilot will get his MEP qualification added to his PPL or his CPL.

FNA offers MEP(L) training on a Piper Seneca 2, which is considered the most popular multi-engine piston engine airplane in the world.


Course Entry Requirements-

  • To be at least a PPL(A) holder
  • To be at least a Class 2 Medical holder
  • To be proficient in the English language
  • To have sufficient flight experience (70 hours PIC)


MEP(L) training consists of two parts-theoretical and practical.

In order to start the practical course the student pilot must complete the theoretical course first, which comprises 7 hours delivered at FNA School.

The practical part comprises 6 hours of flight with an instructor during which the following tasks will be practiced: Emergencies, elements of asymmetric thrust at low speeds on a single working engine, simulated failures of the certain plane’s systems, landings with a single working engine, etc.

During the training the student pilot has a chance to practice all procedures in a simulator before moving on to the aircraft.


The package includes 6 hours of flight, 7 hours of theoretical lectures and 3 hours of simulator training








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