Private Pilot License training is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot. No flight experience is needed!


  • Minimum age: on the day of the first solo flight the student pilot must be at least 16 years old. In order to obtain the license, the student must be 17 years old.
  • Medical certificate: a candidate applying for a Private Pilot License PPL(A) must hold a valid Class II medical certificate.
  • Minimum education: upper-primary or equivalent.

Theoretical training
Theory studies can take place at school in a one-on-one format so you don’t have to wait until a group has formed.
The theoretical training comprises 100 hours of self-study and lectures with the instructors.

Practical training

The training for PPL consists of the theoretical part, which is followed by the practical one. The practical training curriculum includes minimum 45 hours of training flights according to PART-FCL regulations for the PPL(A) and it is done in three stages (tasks):

  • Mastering basic skills in a training area and making aerodrome circuit flights (with an instructor and solo)
  • Basic instrument flights
  • Navigational cross-country and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights.

After completing these three stages, the student pilot masters the skill of independent, safe flight performance according to the PPL(A) specifications.

Goals and Qualifications

The purpose of the PPL(A) course is to prepare the student pilot for safe and efficient flying according to VFR rules. The thorough and comprehensive theoretical preparation will allow the student pilot to use his knowledge during the practical part.

After completing the training and receiving the license the pilot will be rated to fly single-engine planes with maximum take-off weight of 5700 kg. In Poland, the number of aerodromes is increasing and there is an airport in every major Polish city. Therefore, if a pilot wants to fly- even the sky is not the limit!


The school employs the best flight instructors in the field. Some of them are Israeli Air Force veterans and some of the worked in recognized airline companies. With over 25 years of experience the school has the ability and infrastructure to train the best pilots.

Cessna 172 is a universal 4-seat plane and most popular basic training plane for pilot training. Its long range and advanced avionics make it the safer, more professional and right choice for commercial or PPL training.


Affordable prices and professional training with leading instructors, young and ambitious staff in a Family atmosphere!


Full recommended PPL program:

FNA EU offers our Private Pilot License training which takes students with no previous flying experience to be able to become

Phase 1 – Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License

The aim of the PPL training is to teach the student pilot to fly safely and efficiently by day under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Course Duration:

Full Time – 6 to 8 Weeks

Pre entry Requirements:

  • Must be 16 years old to start.
  • Class 2 medical certificate
  • Be 17 years old for License Issue.


Private Pilot Level Ground School: 

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance. and Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • VFR Communications


The theoretical training for the PPL(A) license consists of 100 hours.

You can choose out of our 3 courses according to your preference and budget.

Option A: 14 hours in class, 86 hours self-study.

Option B: 30 hours in class, 70 hours self-study.

Option C: 60 hours in class, 40 hours self-study.

Self-study part is monitored and guided by our theory ground instructors. You will use presentations, videos, books and official questions bank to be proficient and prepare yourself to authority exams.


The PPL Practical Training Course Consists Of:

  • Minimum of 45 hours Total Flight Time.
  • Out of the 45hrs, minimum of 25 hours of dual instruction.
  • Out of the 45hrs, minimum of 10 hours of solo flight.

It is possible to begin practical training for PPL while you still work on the theory exams.


Before each milestone during your practical training, there will be some ground instruction to prepare you towards that milestone (f.e. before navigation).

  • 10 hours in total

Phase 2 – EASA Night Rating

The night rating course consists of 5hours flying at night. This will allow you to fly under VFR at night time.

  • 3 Hours ground instruction
  • 5 Hours Night Flight training


Pricelist (valid until 28.02.2021)

PPL(A) price hours remarks
PPL(A) theoretical course Option A 1 680 PLN 100 h Class + distance learning
PPL(A) ground instruction 1 200 PLN 10 h  
PPL(A) practical training 30 900 PLN 45 h Cessna 172
cost of training 33 780 PLN  7 550 EUR  
aircraft rental for skill test price hours remarks
PPL(A) skill test 930 PLN 1,5 h Cessna172
CAA aviation fee – PPL(A) theory 315 PLN   paid before PPL(A) theoretical exam
CAA aviation fee – PPL(A) skill test 838 PLN   must be paid before PPL(A) skill test
additional fees  PLN  PLN remarks
medical class 2 certificate 450 PLN accordance with Part-MED
EPSJ full stop landing 0 PLN unlimited
EPSJ touch & go 0 PLN unlimited
Night VFR price hours remarks
NVFR theoretical course 360 PLN 3 h lectures in classroom
NVFR practical training 3900 PLN 5 h C172 at EPSJ including night airport fees
cost of training NVFR 4260 PLN  990 EUR  

NO hidden fees, NO “starting from”, NO unknown extra charges. This is what you really pay.

  • All prices are net
  • For professional CPL training at FNA EU there is NO VAT added
  • Professional training in EPSJ includes all landing and fuel charges
  • In case any additional training is required additional cost will apply
  • For students from outside of Warsaw area – it is highly recommended to add one of our accomodation packages. Read more here


Additional/time building hours cost

  • Cessna172 rental – 1 hour – 620 PLN
  • Instructor time 1 hour 120 PLN
  • Cessna172 rental – 10 hours package – 5900 PLN
  • Cessna172 rental – 20 hours package – 11600 PLN
  • Cessna172 rental – 50 hours package – 28500 PLN



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